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The only real solution to the migration crisis is the supporting of family planning opportunities.

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Would you like to prevent the future migration waves in the hundreds of millions, while also offering humanitarian help?
The global education programmes of the BOCS Foundation have been serving this for decades.

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In this regard, the interest of target countries and the poor world are the same:
prevention of the tens of millions of unintended pregnancies every year.

Every day, 100.000 children are born whom their mother didn’t want! Almost half of all pregnancies are not intended by the parents. This is the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of history! It is a natural disaster for the mother, the child, the family, the society, and wildlife. No one actually wants the global population to keep growing, but about a quarter of billion women don’t have the right, knowledge, and means of contraception.[1]

The EU spends millions of dollars on aiding the poor countries, but almost noe of that goes to providing access to, and knowledge about contraception.[2]
Support the human right of contraception (UN, 1968), and demand this from the leaders of politics, economy, media, education, health service, religion, etc.! This way, your donation will potentially be 120 times more efficient than other forms of aid.[3] With your donation, you are simultaneously serving the interest of the poor, that of your own, your country, and the whole wildlife! According to scientific results, supporting access to contraception is key to rising from poverty,[4] and the most efficient climate protection strategy.[5]

The ratio of unintended pregnancies are even higher in refugee camps, so there is an even higher unmet need for family planning opportunities there. Help the BOCS Foundation to continue its multiple decades long work so that a larger percentage of international aid goes to contraception aid, which is the most efficient form of humanitarian help there is, and the only real, long-term solution of the migration crisis.

your donation, you can save children from being conceived as an accident and born as unwanted by their parents, while mitigating the migration crisis at the same time, and making yourself carbon neutral in the process.

Carbon neutrality proves that you don't contribute to air pollution and climate change. If your loved ones are just as committed to making the world a better place, then they will highly appreciate your gesture! Surprise them with carbon neutrality* as well, as a token of your mutual love! (*certificate with unique serial number and with the name you give)

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Carbon footprint (CO2 footprint) in the case of persons means the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted as a result of their everyday lives.

The size of carbon footprint is determined on an annual basis. The global average carbon footprint is 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita (rounded). Offset your own carbon footprint very effectively: support the BOCS Foundation by using its QFPC™ family planning carbon credit. You will get to your email address a pdf certificate with your name (or the name you gave) on it!

Why is it the most effective?
Happiness planning (contraception) is the most effective means of protecting the environment, and the climate, helping the poor to escape the poverty trap, facilitating public safety and peace, ensuring women's rights and the happiness of children, and preventing unemployment and the migration crisis. Everyone wins with the provision of the right to-, the knowledge about-, and the means of happiness planning! And the global education programs of BOCS do just that!

$1 of aid spent on family planning in a developing country can be “worth” $120 of other aid. (Source)

And the reason for this is because what mostly improves the quality of life of the members of a society is if only prepared couples conceive children, as a result of a mutual, responsible decision. This way, every child is born into a loving family, and receives quality education. And if there is no child yet, one doesn't have to rush - let's experience and enjoy love first!

For decades now, the BOCS Civilization Planning Foundation is working internationally on the provision of family planning opportunities, and the ecological education of people.

Here you can view how the carbon footprint of the average citizen of some countries changed over the last half century: data.worldbank

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